128x Optimisation

Just now, in the past minute, we were able to optimise our data extraction monster system, called the "Mill", by a staggering 128 times.

Our Mill is basically responsible for taking all the analytical data for all of our clients and to return simplified results that could be directly shown to our users on our websites. In other words, it is the heart of all graphs, pie charts, and every statistical data that we provide.

Back in the old times when we first started and our data base was minuscule, we did not need a Mill, and the data was crunched right when needed. Later when our user base became huge, the Mill was needed and by designing it, we cut back loading times on all of our websites to less than a hundred milliseconds.

Today, we even optimised the great system that we had before. A huge application with millions of users usually needed about 150 seconds to have all its data crunched. Today, it takes such an application 0.85 seconds to 1.2 seconds to analyse all the data and return the simplified graphs back to us.

Go RedTroops Team!

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