Where did the name "RedTroops" came from?!

That's probably one of the most popular questions that I get asked every single time I meet a new person/customer/investor/etc... & they're always intrigued to know what a tech. advertising solution has to do with RedTroops?

It all started with me being pissed off of the whole experience of mobile advertising, because when we set out to find a solution that actually works & is affordable, we found nothing, absolutely nothing! Being the person that I am, I felt angry at all the Ad networks & I wanted revenge, & so we started working on a solution that was called AppUrz at that time... yes, you got that right, App... Urz "Yours". Almost every single person I know was like; please don't do that, people will never take this company seriously and you won't be able to function on a highly professional level, & so after a long & tiring search of available domains (For those of you who don't know, finding a domain/name for your startup is super difficult as almost anything you can think of has already been bought!) we decided to go for RedTroops, which is still a little agreesive, but doesn't have a "hidden" meaning, & that's how RedTroops came to be.

Do I regret it?

Not at all, in fact this might be one of the few things that we did right from day one, I mean think about it.. who remembers a company called Adpro or Adapp or any damn name with "app" in it? I would actually argue that it's actually worst to do so than to throw a twist in there, a curveball that gets the name hooked in there. That's exactly what RedTroops did, I mean every single person I've every met never forget RedTroops, although they might have forgotten me. Branding needs to be a core factor in every single startup & nailing that from day one can be a true challenge, so don't be afraid to get weird, I mean think about what people though of APPLE when they first started, or heck, GOOGLE??! The name has absolutely nothing to do with what the company actually does, But I'm ready to bet that not one single person forgot those companies after hearing about them for the first time, go for a name you're comfortable with, a name that resonates & will stick in a person's head & then build an entire badas* brand around the whole thing. You won't be sorry, I can tell you that!

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